Diamondz Q and A 


Do I need to make an appointment?

YES! This is the first step in getting hair extensions to decide if this service is best for you and to answer your questions. The consultation usually lasts between 20-30 minutes. We go over hair length, color, texture, techniques, proper care, pricing, and I give you as much time as you need.

It is very Important that your hair color (if you color your hair) has been touched up prior to your consultation so that the extensions match your hair perfectly!

How long does it take to order the hair?

It only takes about 2-3 days. In some cases I can get the hair the next day!

How long does the attachment take?

The time varies depending on the desired look. It can take anywhere from 2 to 6 hours.

Why do hair extensions cost so much?

Hair extensions are a time-intensive, tedious service, and the supplies needed for QUALITY are expensive.

Why are you more affordable than anyone else?

1. I have little to no overhead
2. I charge you the same wholesale prices I get as a certified extensionist!   (most all salons double the price of the hair)
3. I don't pay out commissions to a salon owner
4. I believe in being fair! (I treat my clients how I would want to be treated)

What type of hair do you use?

Choosing the right hair is very important thats why I use 100% human Remy Hair, which is hand picked so that each cuticle is aligned up and down to ensure that it is tangle free. The direction of the cuticle is maintained. Because of the method of collection this type of hair is in short supply and is quite expensive. Remy hair has a cool silky feeling when you touch it. It has the most universal look, feel and integrity.

Can I treat my hair the same as before?

Definately! The correct brushes, cleansing and styling products will be recommended. Some additional care is required to get the most out of the application, which is explained during the consultation.

Can I blow dry and curl the hair?

Yes – with 100% human hair you can use straightening irons, curling irons, rollers, or anything you normally use to style your hair.

Do hair extensions look natural?

Without Exception!! Using a color ring I custom color blend the extension hair to match your hair exactly along with a custom blending extension cut. Only you will know you have them in!

Do hair extensions damage my hair?

If you closely follow the maintenance instructions there should be very little to no damage.

What is the maintenance?

You will be given post care instruction sheet to take home once we have completed the application of your extensions.

How often should I wash the hair?

If you want it to last as long as it can you should wash it only 2-3 times a week. Not everyday. A dry shampoo is recommended for use between washes to absorbe any excess oil and make your hair look clean again without actually washing it.

Can I go swimming in a pool or the ocean?

Yes! Just make sure to put your hair in a low pony tail and try to bring a leave in conditioner/detangler with you.

Is there any pain or discomfort with hair extensions?

Usually the first night is a little uncomfortable, almost like you have had your hair in a tight pony tail all day. After the first night though you won't even notice they are there.

How long do they last?

They can last up to 6 months but I recommend taking them out around  3-4 due to regrowth

How long does my hair need to be?

It is recommended that your hair be at least 4 inches for thickening or volume and 4-5 inches for a full lengthening.

How soon can I get an appointment?

I can get you in as soon as possible for the consultation and within a couple days we can do the attachment, and you can have the hair you have always dreamed of!


​Micro blading

Right after the procedure, we will put protective balm over the treated area in order to protect the newly opened layer of epidermis from dust and bacteria getting into your skin when you walk out of the office. Within couple hours, skin starts natural regeneration process; therefore, there is no need to apply layer of balm unless it’s necessary. Often eyebrow appears a little darker right after the procedure; however, during the healing process it tends to fade a bit. Fading usually starts after 7 days of the procedure, it happens because skin creates a protective layer that will eventually reappear in 3-4 weeks. The full results can be seen after approximately 25-30 days after procedure. Depending on healing process, aftercare and final result, many customers might need a short touch up in a month after initial appointment. Microblading is absolutely safe when performed. But proper aftercare is extremely important to ensure fast recovery and desire effect. Please follow the below guidelines:


  • Day One (day of the treatment): You must rinse your eyebrows with clean water 2 to 3 times after the microblading procedure to get all blood stain and lymph off your brows and must apply the post-care cream. Apply the post-care cream with a cotton swab and use no aggressive movement and/or manipulation of the skin. Wash your hands with a disinfectant soap before washing your eyebrows and/or applying the post-care cream

  • Day Two – Nine: Do not wet your brows, even a small drop will expand a wound and a scab will appear. Please wash your face carefully around the eyebrows without getting water on the treated area. If you feel dust or discomfort on the treated area, wipe it gently with alcohol wipe.

    •  If your skin is oily, make sure you keep your brows clean and dry, you can disinfect up to 3 times a day if needed.

    • If your skin is dry, choose a non-alcohol based disinfectant to avoid additional dryness; you will only want to disinfect up to 2 times a day, over disinfecting will cause dryness.





  • No rubbing or peeling. The treated area might feel a little ticklish during the first phase of recovering process. It is important not to rub it as you might get infection into your skin. Peeling is absolutely normal during second phase of recovery. Avoid any sort of peeking of dry skin as you might peel out the wrong parts and create bald spots in newly reconstructed brow.

  • Keep your hair away from your face. This means avoid putting your fringe over brows for at least 7 days as this could cause infection.

  • Apply A&D ointment after 7 days of the treatment. It usually applied in the evening before sleep. Some clients might need to apply it 2 times per day. It will help to keep treated area moisturized and soft for the rest of the recovery period. Although, grape seed oil is the most popular and recommended, you can substitute it with sweet almond, jojoba or coconut oil. Avoid Petroleum Jelly or Vaseline as it can cause a reaction and block skin from breathing.

  • No sun bed, tanning, excessive sweating in the gym, no makeup or anti aging creams on the brow area for at least 10 days. It is best to allow the brow to heal first before using any of the above.

  • Entire healing process will take from 4 to 6 weeks depending on your body’s regeneration, age, immune system and lifestyle. Sometimes after Microblading customers develop dry, flaky skin. It is very important not to rub, pick or peel off your flakes or scabs. Itching is absolutely normal as skin is repairing itself. Never rub the treated are as it will disturb the skin from natural healing process. If you get your brow wet at the beginning of recover, simply dry it with lint free tissue. The way you take care of your new brows after Microblaing will have great impact on the way it looks. Improper care often results in fading or “patchy” brow.

  • Note that because of natural skin regeneration, after recover period, brows might appear lighter than original. Often, even with proper care, clients develop bald spots or loose original hair strokes which make brows look uneven. It is absolutely normal because your natural skin regeneration is not a process that technician can control. That’s why most clients need a touch up after 1 month to assure that brows are perfectly even and desired affect was achieved.