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                                                                                                             The Pro and Cons Of Having Hair Extensions




Hello there are good things and there are bad things about Hair extensions. The good things are that it will give you that added length and the volume you have never thought you could ever have, In a matter of hours. Thats always nice. Yes ladies there are some cons too and its realy does not have to do much with the hair itself it has mainly to do with the application. There are some methods out there that look great but then when it comes time to remove them it tears your hair out with it and you will be forced to have them put back in for your hair to look normal. Now ladies hair extensions does not have to damage your own hair if anything they should help your own hair get to where you do not need to wear them anymore. Is that possible absolutely. I recomend methods that do not put to much tension on your hair and that are easy to remove. Now ladies if you must use some type of bonding method make sure that it does not require a strong chemical to remove because thats what killing your hair.
Remember ladies you are beautiful


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                                Why do women wear Hair Extensions

Why do women wear hair extensions? Why don't woman want to wear there natural hair ? That question is asked all the time. The fact is hair extensions is not neccesarily to change how you look but it is to enhance what you already have my god ladies you are already beautiful. Yeah there are some that naturaly have that long thick hair that looks like it has never been touched by anything and then there are some of us well our hair may be damaged we may have cut it there could be be several reasons why our hair is not that what I call perfect thick long hair. Now with hair extensions you can actualy transform that short thin hair into long thick hair in a matter of hours. Now thats amazing whats even better there are alot of methods that will not cause more damge to your own hair, so maybe one day you can actualy have that long hair. Hair extensions are a great way to get the look you want without all the fuss hey even adding highlights can you believe that you can add highlights with out the stripping. Hair extensions have come a long way and they are still going strong and getting more and more popular as time goes on.

Hair extensions is a neat way to get that look you want without the hassle in a matter of hours.

Remember ladies no matter what your hair condition is something can always make it the way you want it.

Remmeber you are beautiful.

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